Do or Die

Yet again I stole a WordPress prompt and make it my own.

It was a coincidence really. I was reading the Minimalists blog last night and they were talking about how changes can occur if you use the right words to fortify the right attitude. Whenever we set New Year’s Resolutions, which word do we use? “Should” or “Must”? Of course we want to see results when we sought change, but how many times are we so adamant about it that it is get go from the first second?

Pretty much all the time we use “should”. I should start saving, I should start exercising, I should learn how to sew. It conveys the necessity to do something without much conviction. That’s setting ourself up to fail. But if we start to use “must”; I must start saving, I must start exercising, I must learn how to sew; it suddenly sound like your life depends on it to happen, “DO OR DIE!” it screams. The sound of urgency rings loud and clear. I am not saying it will sustain you the whole journey (Hooray to you if it does) but it sure gave you an extra oomph to get your first foot out of the door.


Say my name….say my name

I got this interesting prompt from WordPress Blogging 101 today. It had me thinking, I’d never thought that anyone would be curious about how I  named my blog. It felt a little presumptuous to assume anyone out there would care what I named my little wonderland. But today I’m gonna go ahead with it, tell you, my lovely readers, why.

My blog….Fukutoshin Daily Press (Life outside city limits)


You see, I am a city girl, born and bred. I’d never lived in the country, never had and probably never will. But that doesn’t mean I never toyed with the idea. In actual fact, I did, and still do, when life in the city gets too congested sometimes. This blog is my oasis outside my daily routines, hence it is about living outside city limits. Does that make sense?  *LOL*

Now what about Fukutoshin? In fact, what the heck is Fukutoshin? Right about the time I started this blog, Tokyo Metro welcomed a new route. It was named Fukutoshin, 副都心 (It’s the brown line, in case you’re interested). It means secondary to the city center or outside of the city. I thought it quite apt then for my blog, doesn’t it? And well, I had meant to update this blog daily but it never happened so let’s forget about that tiny bit of technicality, shall we?

So there you have it, the story behind the name of my blog. I hope it makes sense *smile*

The essence of my blog is to toy with the boundaries of our daily life. It will always stay relevant with a hint of whimsical ‘what-if’.


Thanks for listening to me brag, I hope you enjoyed it *smile*

Reflections on my 2014

It’s time to say goodbye to the past 365 days. You guys have been with me through thick and thin, saw me cried and laughed and raged.

Honestly, time flew and I couldn’t quite make out where most of you went missing to. But those who stayed around insisted that their comrades did not went missing, I was the one who wasted them to nothing.

There is much to be grateful for, at the top of the list, being alive, in good health, being gainfully employed though money can be uncomfortably tight sometimes, my family, my friends, and every one of my possessions. I am blessed with the ability to buy what I need whenever I need, and splurge a little on what I want whenever I can.

For the many experiences I went through, being sick, being in need of major surgery, overcoming the grueling period in hospital and walking out of it on my own two legs with the ton of support and well-wishes I received, I emerged a winner in so many ways, mentally, and spiritually wealthy.

2014, the year I lived out most of my 40s. It did not start with a big bang, and now it will not go out with a weak fizzle. I made a promise that all 365 of you will not live in vain in 2015.

7 Things x 2015

Found this tweet on my timeline. I think this is an excellent mind stimulation exercise for those of us who is stuck at making our 2015 resolutions. It is certainly mild enough for beginners to start their baby steps.

  1. Learn how to…(speak Italian)
  2. Start…(to use steps)
  3. Stop…(running around with scissors)
  4. Take a vacation to…(the Caribbean)
  5. Find…(a new band)
  6. Try…(French toast with bacon)
  7. Be more…(creative)

Those are some of the crazy fun examples you can reference to but the real fun is to think up your own, of course. Give them some think, make sure they are achievable, make sure they are really what you need and want. And best of luck to building and fulfilling your 2015’s resolutions.


In Due Time

Everyone faces deadlines all the time. May it be professional ones or personal ones. But how many do we really meet?

There was a time you can easily refer to me as a workaholic, I was so good at meeting deadlines before it actually become a deadline. Unfortunately superiors weren’t as good at meeting my deadlines, expectations fell seriously short, so instead I became better at extending deadlines, well, because there isn’t any real urgency in mundane office work. Everyone’s ability to complete their tasks is dependable on the next person’s ability to do his, so most part of the working hours are just waiting for someone to react so that you can, in turn, complete your work. If upstream people don’t send something along, downstream really are just sitting ducks till kingdom come.

But let’s not adopt the same practice with our personal deadlines. For one, we aren’t waiting for someone else to react in order to do something for yourself. There’s only you, always will be just you for you. If you initiate something, it will be for you and depends on you to complete. Of course, you can choose to just wait, any consequences is bore by you for yourself too.

Do I have personal deadlines? Sure, I do. And so do you. Get crackin’