Take a step back

41 days has since passed.

I must have, should have, gotten started on my new year’s resolutions. But I hadn’t.

41 days I spent trying to figure out just what was wrong with the ones I set on January 1st.

Figuring out was easy, accepting the reality of it is the difficult part. I have to get off my fluffy cloud that had carried me happily through 2015. 2016 is the year of rude awakening; I have a future to work for.

Firstly, I have to settle up. I should no longer be dreaming big nor do I have the time to go back and do things over. At this point in my life, I need to look at what I had achieved, make peace with what I’d not done well and move on.

Someone old and wise once told me, there is a time for everything. If you let it pass, you will not be able to go back and do it. Naturally, I have a lot of regrets for all that I haven’t or couldn’t achieve too. The next logical step for me is to stop obsessing over my “failures” and look at to what needs to done next.

In retrospective, my 2016 new year’s resolutions seems too generalized now. Further intricacy is required here. A lot of sifting later, I come up with 3 urgent longstanding needs to meet, starting 2016.

‘Save Me’ Campaign

  1. Save me from character ruin
  2. Save me from physical ruin
  3. Save me from financial ruin






Looking Back at 2015


For sure, I hadn’t achieved a perfect score in the resolution scoreboard, but I done alot more, and self-realised alot more than my whole life put together.

I have so many  awesome”firsts” in 2015! Once I realised that there will never be a better time so why not now, and that I must be pro-active in getting what I want, opportunities I am looking for just came knocking at my door again and again and again.

I went for my first clubbing, and I drank my first champagne. I went for my first gathering with total strangers, and I met an amazing guy who made me realized I deserved to be loved no matter how imperfect I am. I attended several art performances and went to the circus, and I’d realised my wish for hotel staycations many times over, including upgrading to suite guest status.

I have also stopped paying homage to my large size by ditching pants and shapeless shirts for figure-hugging dresses and skirts, and exchanging my huge double bed for a new slim single.

When I realised that I was overdue on experiencing them, it did made me a little sad. But then I am also very grateful that I won’t be feeling the regret of never having experienced them now so it’s all good!

Several lessons were being taught to me this past 365 days. I’d learnt how to ignore what I cannot change, I’ve learnt how to love myself, I get it now that I deserve everything nice just as much as the next beautiful person.

My quality of life improved the split second that I allowed myself to enjoy being alive.

As 2015 drew to a close, for the first time in my life, I am reluctant to let go. That is how much fun I was having!

In 2016, there is more new and exciting experiences waiting for me, and old stuff for me to rectify. I can’t wait to embark on the next 365 days so let the New Year begin!



Figure it out ~ JR East railway app


When you are making your way around Tokyo city, chances are, you are on a JR East train traveling along Yamanote Line.  Every visitor to Tokyo would be orientated on the Yamanote Line, connecting you to the major attractions in the most straight-forward manner, looping so you can’t possibly get lost.

So then it make sense for JR East to come up with an app that brings info to their commuters. Train status, operation information of their 15 railway lines, directional know-how of their stations, train positions along the Yamanote Line, train departure information and even station maps.

JR East Railway App

And if you are not yet in Tokyo, why not play around with the app and imagine yourself zipping around the city in a JR East train? Chock’ful with so much info, that wouldn’t be too difficult.